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AWAKENING APHRODITE – Festival du Féminin à Bangkok 🗓 🗺

AWAKENING APHRODITE – Festival du Féminin à Bangkok 🗓 🗺

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Planifié Atelier Rencontres
Bangkok, Taïlande Carte

It is very difficult for many women to express their femininity and sensuality. Pressure exerted by society, religious doctrine, family attitudes and self-image has, in large part, led to women, either consciously or unconsciously, adopting feelings of guilt and shame, and developing a complex when it comes to femininity. Women feel that they will be perceived as different, judged, and measured against others, and this leaves women feeling denigrated, rejected. This workshop invites us as women to connect gently to the radiant, joyful, joyous and sensual Energy of Aphrodite that lies slumbering in each and every woman. The beauty of our being expresses itself first and foremost by the esteem in which we hold it. The archetype of Aphrodite opens us and invites us to celebrate that essence of self and the vitality that we perceive in our womb, our uterus, our hips, our breasts but also, and most of all, in our YES to Life and to a world experienced by our senses. Aphrodite makes Love an Art of Living. We will rediscover Her generous and divine Nature within ourselves through Dance, through short and precious millennium-old rituals and through meditations/visualizations that we can all re-experience daily.

Workshop during the feminin festival.

The entire program here.

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